Our Texts are Palatial: Words from Amos Oz and Fania Oz-Salzberger

Follow @faniaoz Jews and Words is a book that celebrates the written word with a very particular voice that grew out of a lifetime of father-daughter conversations between co-authors Amos Oz, and Fania Oz-Salberger. As Martin Peretz of the Wall Street Journal noted, “You cannot get the taste of this

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David Lesch: The Westerner Who Knows Assad

Watch David Lesch on C-SPAN2’s Book TV Around a year ago, David Lesch settled on a subtitle for his new book on the ever-changing Syria. He called it Syria: The Fall of the House of Assad. He admits to realizing, midway through the publishing process that Assad may not have fallen

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For the Devoted Teacher

When Anna Catherine Bahlmann was twenty-four years old, a young girl named Edith Jones became her newest student. Bahlmann constantly had to add more folklore and poetry to the German curriculum to satisfy Jones’ ever-expanding curiosity. Sensing the girl’s potential, Bahlmann carefully preserved the early letters exchanged between the two

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Sarah Greenough’s NPR Interview on Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz

Yesterday on NPR’s Morning Edition, Susan Stamberg interviewed Sarah Greenough on her new book of letter correspondence: My Faraway One:  Selected Letters of Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz: Volume One, 1915-1933. Unlike new 21st-century ways of sending love notes such as texts and Facebook messages, which seem only to escalate

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Hannah Arendt and the Study of Evil

Listen to Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, author of Why Arendt Matters, discuss Hannah Arendt, her examination of totalitarianism, and the “banality of evil,” on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Hail, Caesar!

If you haven’t heard it already, tune in to Tom Ashbrook’s conversation with Adrian Goldsworthy on NPR’s On Point. From the On Point website: “Hail, Caesar!” they still cry in the movies as once they saluted in the heart of ancient Rome and on battlefields from Gaul to Syria. Julius

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A Little History of the World Coverage

Word keeps spreading about Ernst Gombrich’s amazing book. An interview with Leonie Gombrich, the author’s granddaughter, aired last Sunday on NPR’s Weekend Edition. Also last Sunday, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a rave review by Katie Haegele, who called A Little History of the World “an astounding collection of historical and

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