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Art and Architecture of Ireland: magnificent history of a magnificent history

Sally Salvesen– Ten years ago I was in Dublin working with Anne Crookshank and the Knight of Glin on the second edition of their book Ireland’s Painters, when Robert Towers, Yale UP’s Irish representative, arranged a meeting with Nicola Figgis of University College Dublin and Brendan Rooney of the National

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To London, with Love: All the Downton Rage

Ivan Lett— Finally, I win. I win every time the newest craze comes in from across the pond, but the Guinness World Book of Record-holding Downton Abbey has taken things to a new level. Following the American premiere of the second season this past Sunday, the New York Times released

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Yale titles make long list for Berger Prize

Every year the William MB Berger Prize for British Art Historyis awarded to a scholarly publication that demonstrates outstanding achievement in the field of British Art History. Awarded jointly by The British Art Journal and the Berger Collection Educational Trust, the Berger prize is recognized as the most prestigious award

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