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Cyber Diasporas and New Radical Citizenries

Philippe-Joseph Salazar— Globalism was premised on the idea that borders ought to be fluid to allow for free movements of ideas, goods, and individuals. However in the wake of sudden and massive migrations of dispersed populations into Europe, the time-honored relationship between space and people–autochthony—is regaining currency. To frame it,

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How Terror Strikes at Language

Philippe-Joseph Salazar— Security agencies fail us each time a terror attack takes place –while their collective failure to act on intelligence is balanced by the personal bravery of citizens, first responders, and police. But there is a worse failure, which goes unnoticed in the outpouring of emotions, denunciations and verbal

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I infiltrated the alt-right. So what?

Philippe-Joseph Salazar— The New York Times recently reported on a young Swede who had “infiltrated” the alt-right, “My Year Inside the International Alt-Right”. Apart from sophomoric writing (“Jorjani talks for hours, displaying a remarkable arrogance coupled with a tiring self-pity. He’s a remarkably extreme character”) and the exaggerated claim (“International,”

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