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Ep. 81 – Alice Neel’s Deep Humanism

In a fascinating conversation that ranges from Alice Neel’s politics to her painting practice, we talk with Kelly Baum and Randall Griffey, the co-curators of the current exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and co-editors of the related catalogue, Alice Neel: People Come First. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

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A Multimedia Exploration of Thomas Wilfred’s Art of Light

“[G]limmers of unfathomable light” … a “yolk-colored blob” … “a sensuous array of abstract composition moving in suspended and unknowable sequence” … “vivid tendrils and clouds, soaring and seeping like magma” … “bruises seen in time-lapse”. All of these descriptions represent attempts to capture in words the strange beauty of

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Podcast: Anni and Josef Albers and the art they collected

Anni and Josef Albers were two of the most influential figures of 20th-century modernism. Anni was a textile artist, and Josef was a professor and artist in glass, metal, wood, and photography, in addition to being the creator of one of the most important explanations of color theory principles, The

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Podcast Interview with Joan Marter,

Editor of Women of Abstract Expressionism

Welcome to our first Yale University Press art+architecture book podcast! We’ve interviewed Joan Marter, Rutgers professor and editor of the recently-published Women of Abstract Expressionism (which accompanies an exhibition currently on view at the Denver Art Museum — it will move this fall to the Mint Museum in Charlotte, North

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