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The Lucian Freud “Skins” Quiz

Follow @yaleARTbooks “I like skin. It’s so unpredictable.” –Lucian Freud, 7 May 2009 As the grandson of the world’s most famous psychoanalyst, Lucian Freud (1922 – 2011) unsurprisingly used the psychology of both his subjects and his audience to create his provocative portrait paintings. For Freud, painting was always psychological—a

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Rembrandt’s Revolutionary Jesus

How could a man who lived a millennium and a half after Jesus have drawn him from life? Because Rembrandt was the first artist to use a live model for Christ, the origins of his portraits remained a mystery for a long time. Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus, edited by Lloyd DeWitt, discusses these paintings and drawings from an exhibition opening tomorrow at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Going a Little Nutty with Jim Nutt’s Portraits

“Jim Nutt has made some of the craziest paintings in American art” declares Canadian Art magazine in its Summer 2011 issue. The magazine’s editors apparently enjoy the craziness. Although they chose only seven books for inclusion in their “Top Summer Reading Picks” we are delighted to see that Jim Nutt:

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