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Celebrate Book Lovers Day with 10 Books about Books!

August 9th is Book Lovers Day! It’s a time to curl up with a book or three and read your heart out, and Yale University Press is here to help you celebrate. We know that choosing what to read next can be both sweetly intoxicating and totally overwhelming, so we’ve

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What SUP From Your Favorite University Presses, June 27, 2014

Welcome to our weekly roundup of news from university presses! Once again, there is a lot to share this week from our fellow academic publishing houses and much to learn on What SUP at the social university presses. This week, we remember the Freedom Summer, protect linguistic heritage, and use

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‘Tis the season to get crafty!

What is a printer’s proof and what is it good for? A printers proof is a test print, created to offer a sense for what the final printing of a book will look like.  These are good for catching typos, font issues, and to make sure the art is reproducing

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Who “Owns” Literature? Printing, Publishing and Copyright

Who owns a book? Does it belong solely to the person who bought that copy, or to the author? And how does the publisher come into the picture? In this excerpt from A Little History of Literature, John Sutherland explains the various people and processes involved in the production of

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What SUP, November 15, 2013: The Global Reach of University Presses: University Press Blog Tour Day 5

Today is the last day of the Association of American University Presses week-long blog tour. Our fellow social university presses have been sharing posts about the unique elements of their presence and purposes. We are ending this blog tour with thoughts on the “Global Reach of University Presses.” Our Online Marketing Manager,

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The Importance of Regional Publishing: University Press Blog Tour Day 4

With one day left of the Association of American University Presses week-long blog tour, our fellow social university presses are sharing posts on the importance of regional publishing. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Yale University Press’s Ivan Lett sharing thoughts on the “Global Reach of University Presses.” And don’t

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Subject Area Spotlight: University Press Blog Tour Day 3

The University Press Week now steers into various subject areas for which the Presses are mostly famous. Topics which range from Sociology to Environmental Studies and from History to Anthropology will surely keep you entertained. Also get pumped for tomorrow’s posts about the importance of regional publishing! MIT Press Gita

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University Press Week Blog Tour, Monday, November 11, 2013

It’s Day 1 of the University Press Week Blog Tour and the theme is “Meet the Press”. This means readers get a chance to look inside these university presses and get to know a little more about what goes on behind their doors. Check out these blogs to meet editors

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A New Home for the Yale Press Log

Welcome to the new home of the Yale Press Log on Wordpress.com! In July, the theme is Global and International Studies, and after the first half of 2011, there is plenty to recount. New books on Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, and southern Africa, by Tim Bird & Alex Marshall, Victoria Clark, Tarek Osman, and Stephen Chan are at the center of our political discussions, and Leila Ahmed’s new history, A Quiet Revolution: The Veil’s Resurgence, from the Middle East to America surrounds current controversies on Islamic women’s dress.