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Rethinking the Evolving Historiography of Richard M. Nixon

Irwin F. Gellman— The state of current scholarship on Richard Nixon requires me to state, at the outset, that I am neither for nor against him. My purpose in writing The Contender was never to boost Nixon’s historical reputation—nor to depress it—but rather to provide the basis on which any

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How the Republicans Lost in 2012

Thomas F. Schaller— The 2012 election results were tough medicine for Republicans to swallow. Many conservatives and Republicans believed that Barack Obama was a left-wing radical and a failed president. He headed into the campaign with a national unemployment rate above 7.5 percent, and no incumbent president had won reelection

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Does American Democracy Still Work?

With the midterm congressional races heating up and November 7 right around the corner, we are once again privileged witnesses of American democracy in action…or, as Alan Wolfe sees it, American democracy inaction. In his new book, Does American Democracy Still Work?, Wolfe identifies the current political conditions that have

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