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How the Bible Became Holy: An Interactive Timeline

Follow @mlsatlow Follow @yaleRELIbooks Though it is easy to see the Bible today as a singular work – one text held as holy by many religious believers – it has a less straightforward history. The Bible was compiled over time from the writings of religious figures whose influence depended on

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The Message and the Book: Understanding Religious Diversity Through Sacred Texts

Recently, a user on Reddit, a popular social news sharing site, posted a photo of a Sikh woman with a facial hair commenting, “I’m not sure what to conclude from this.” It was posted in a thread labeled “funny,” in an attempt to publicly humiliate the woman. But then the

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Religious Texts in Our Everyday

Open any form of news media and there are sacred texts everywhere. Republican frontrunners quote Bible verses, pundits debate the role of the Quran in Middle Eastern politics, and in the arts and entertainment section, one book always hovers over the Harry Potters and John Grishams as the number one

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