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Ep. 65 – The History of Intelligence

A look at the history of intelligence and espionage from Biblical times to social media misinformation.   Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | Soundcloud

In Memoriam: Tennent Bagley

Tennent Harrington Bagley, author and former C.I.A. officer, passed away on Feb. 20 in Brussels at the age of 88. While working for the C.I.A., Bagley assisted a Soviet spy, Yuri Nosenko, turn against Russia, only to believe this spy was a double-agent. Bagley spent many years trying to prove

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The Spy Who Loved U.S.

If the perfect crime is one that never gets discovered, then the perfect spy is one whose identity is never revealed. Edward Bancroft came close to becoming the latter: a century passed before the public realized that he had engaged in espionage. Many Americans do not even recognize Bancroft’s name,

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