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The Return of Isolationism

Stephen D. King— Our ideas and institutions shift with alarming regularity. Spanish conquistadors of the early sixteenth century—bounty-hunters hell bent on extracting silver from the New World, regardless of the human cost—would have been surprised to discover that Spain, at one point Europe’s superpower, is now one of the poorer

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Grave New World: A Q&A with Stephen D. King

To mark the publication of Stephen D. King’s Grave New World: The End of Globalization, The Return of History, we chatted with Stephen about the implications of globalization, and what the return of history means for the western economy and nation states. 1. The subtitle of Grave New World is “The End of

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How to Avoid the Looming Dystopia: When the Money Runs Out

Is the current economic stagnation in the West a temporary setback or a new and lasting reality? Prominent economist Stephen D. King looks back at history to get a fresh picture of the current global economic situation and it isn’t pretty. In his accessible, engaging, and hard-hitting book When the

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