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Isaac Mizrahi: Playful Pushing of Boundaries

In 1989, esteemed fashion editor for The Washington Post Nina Hyde wrote of Isaac Mizrahi’s fall collection for the year: “Everyone is rooting for Mizrahi. Why else would they travel to TriBeCa in lower Manhattan, a $20-plus, half-hour cab ride in traffic, and in the rain, to see the Mizrahi

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For Helena Rubinstein, Beauty was Power

Ivy Sanders Schneider — Makeup can act as a symbol both of liberation and oppression. Contentious and unavoidable, ads for lipstick line the subway, and giant mascaraed eyes blink from billboards. People across ages, genders, and geography wear it – a swipe of tinted chapstick, a little foundation, or maybe

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Women with Good Taste: The Cone Sisters and Matisse

When modern artists like Picasso and Matisse first started trying to sell the public on their work, the experience was extremely difficult—everyone knows just how successful Van Gogh was, after all. Sometimes it took a little extra marketing on the painter’s part in order to close a sale. In Karen

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