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The technical brilliance and self-expression of William Merritt Chase

A century after his death, the breadth and richness of American painter William Merritt Chase’s career are celebrated in a beautifully illustrated book, William Merritt Chase: A Modern Master, by Elsa Smithgall, Erica E. Hirshler, Katherine M. Bourguignon, Giovanna Ginex, and John Davis, and with a foreword by D. Frederick Baker. The

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#Instavangogh Beards From the Phillips Collection

A short post today, as we couldn’t resist bringing your attention to the wonderful thing that our colleagues over at The Phillips Collection have done to celebrate their recent, and hugely popular, exhibition Van Gogh Repetitions. We can only imagine that they must have wondered, as we have, whether anyone

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David Smith: Master of Two Art Forms

One could say David Smith “invented” sculpture, or put more clearly, he invented sculpture’s place in modern American art. He legitimized the art form to the extent that it could be just as prestigious as painting. Convincing the postwar American public of sculpture’s accessibility arose from Smith’s own belief that

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