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Pride Month Bookshelf: LGBTQIA+ History, Cultural Studies, and Literature Beyond June

Presenting our Yale University Press Pride Month reading list—because celebrating #Pride2017, learning from the history of the movement, championing stories and contributions of LGBTQIA+ individuals, and working each day to insist on equal and fair treatment of queer communities should extend far beyond June. Homintern: How Gay Culture Liberated the Modern World by Gregory

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A Queer History of Fashion: What Does Gay Look Like?

Ariana Parenti— Though I never thought of myself as a follower of the fashion world, in picking up A Queer History of Fashion I was excited to discover the rich history of gay men and women throughout the fashion industry. That gay men are unusually prevalent is perhaps not so surprising.

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Win a Copy of Shoe Obsession !

Follow @yaleARTbooks May 21, 2013 Update: Thanks to all our stylish entrants on our Pinterest Shoe Obsession contest! We’ve selected a design by Svenja Ritter, uploaded by Crisia M of Australia, as the contest winner.  Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more pins and peeks inside the exquisitely produced yaleARTbooks list! ***

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