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Munch: Van Gogh

“During his short life, Van Gogh did not allow his flame to go out. Fire and embers were his brushes during the few years of his life, whist he burned out for his art. I have thought, and wished, that in the long term, with more money at my disposal,

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#Instavangogh Beards From the Phillips Collection

A short post today, as we couldn’t resist bringing your attention to the wonderful thing that our colleagues over at The Phillips Collection have done to celebrate their recent, and hugely popular, exhibition Van Gogh Repetitions. We can only imagine that they must have wondered, as we have, whether anyone

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Van Gogh Repetitions

Follow @yaleARTbooks Currently on view at The Phillips Collection is Van Gogh Repetitions, an exhibition examining Vincent van Gogh’s artistic process. The exhibition focuses on van Gogh’s repeated rendering of particular images, and examines many questions about van Gogh’s unique artistic process: what was the speed with which he painted

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