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Your Backyard Summer Reading: 10 Facts on Coexisting with Wildlife

Follow @yaleSCIbooks Looking for a little motivation to reconnect with your backyard now that summer is officially here? James Barilla’s My Backyard Jungle: The Adventures of an Urban Wildlife Lover Who Turned His Yard into Habitat and Learned with It is the summer reading book for you. Now available in paperback, the book makes

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How to Love the Uncuddly and Endangered Double-Crested Cormorant

Jennifer Doerr— As long as I can remember, I’ve loved birds.  As a child, I would spend long stretches of time planted, crossed-legged on the floor, in front of our glass sliders. I was waiting for the sudden, magical arrival of birds—chickadees, cardinals, juncos, goldfinches, blue jays, Carolina wrens, tufted

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Backyard Jungle Wildlife Photography

Photo Slideshow: My Backyard Photo Slideshow: The Business of Wildlife Removal Photo Slideshow: New York Beescape Photo Slideshow: Florida Monkeys Photo Slideshow: Rio Zoopolis 1 Photo Slideshow: The Monkeys of Delhi

Burt’s opening at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Yesterday, William Burt’s exhibit opened at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, featuring 40 of his  vividly stunning photographs. Running through December 16, 2007, this exhibit traveled from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and will continue on to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston, Texas, upon leaving

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