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YUP June Green Tip: Sustainability in the Office

Follow @yaleSCIbooks This June the Yale Press Green Team welcomed a new group of talented summer interns with an introduction to recycling at Yale. Reaching out to new office-mates is a great way to maintain an office culture of sustainability. Many of the tips we shared with our interns could

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YUP April Green Tip: Celebrate Book Swap Month!

Follow @yaleSCIbooks April’s known for its spring showers, but April is also book swap month!  Our 4th annual Book Swap took place here at YUP during the week of April 21st– 25th. We invite all of you to celebrate in spirit with us–wherever you are–and participate in a book swap in your area. This

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YUP March Green Tip: Take this Month’s Sustainability Challenge!

Did you know March is Trash Month here at Yale? Read about the life cycle of your garbage and take this month’s Sustainability Challenge by visiting the Yale Sustainability website.

YUP February Green Team Tip: Recycling Questions Answered

Ever find yourself at the office standing in front of a single stream bin, unsure if what you’re about to throw in there is recyclable? Like that takeout coffee lid? What about “Greenware” compostable plates? And those plastic ties on boxes of 8.5 x 11 paper? In November, we asked

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YUP September Green Tip: Take a Yale Sustainability Tour!

Follow @yaleSCIbooks We may not have had many crisp fall days yet, but the arrival on campus of all the new and returning Yale students means they can’t be far off. In the spirit of back-to-school, take a campus sustainability tour unlike any other! Start at the New Haven Green, stop by our

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YUP February Green Team Tip: Holiday Picnic Throwback

Follow @yaleSCIbooks In these cold winter months, it is nice to think back on warmer times, like our holiday picnic hosted by the YUP Green Team! Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane: Remember when we played a few fun recycling games? A good time was had by all!

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YUP October Green Team Tip: A Visit to Yale’s Marsh Botanical Gardens

Follow @yaleSCIbooks Recently, the Yale University Press Green Team arranged a trip for staff to visit the Yale Marsh Botanical Garden, located at 227 Mansfield Street in New Haven. A botanically-inclined contingent from YUP wandered into the rain, and once inside the garden, they were given a private tour by

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